USB Type-A Application

Currently, different brand smart phone always using special charge protocol in their charger. We deliver chip level solution for All-in-one possibility.

AN1801.Using FastSOC FSFA device for fast charger applications v1.1 201811

USB Type-C Application

USB-IF deliver Type-C and Type-C PD charge protocols to make a unified charge solution.  FastSOC is a member of USB-IF and create chip for those protocols and application.

Qi Wireless Charge Application

It’s a trend to using Qi wireless charge in high-end smart phones, like Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc. As a member of WPC, FastSOC has chip level solution for both TX and RX Qi wireless applications.

Battery Management

We also have SOC solutions for battery management, to give user better choose.

About Us

FastSOC Microelectronics Co., Ltd is a fabless IC design company focus on high performance mixed-signal, SOC integrated circuits especially in power application area.

Our products include fast charge protocol chip, power bank management chip, battery management chip, wireless charge management chip, general purpose MCU etc.

We have research center in Shanghai and Wuxi, and sales center in Shenzhen China.



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